HubShots Episode 162: Avoiding HubSpot Workflow Mistakes and Replacing yourself with Tools

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This episode we take a look at changing yourself with tools, plus avoiding HubSpot workflow mistakes.

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Recorded: Tuesday 14 June 2019 | Revealed: Friday 21 June 2019

Shot 1: Inbound Considered the Week

Analysing knowledge to spotlight developments eg HubSpot Developments report:

There’s a bunch of tools on this area eg see also MAXG: from the staff at Square2Marketing which goals to spotlight issues to research.

Take a look at Synthetic Intelligence (AI) is at work in HubSpot >

Another is Atomic Reach.  It is a content material intelligence platform for marketers >

Shot 2: HubSpot Advertising Function of the Week

Avoiding Workflow mistakes

An fascinating word: delays is perhaps useful right firstly of a workflow in case a Contact’s properties are a number of seconds delayed in getting updated.

“Sometimes data isn’t instantly populated on an object record when a visitor converts and is created as a contact in your account for the first time. It can take up to a few seconds for the incoming data to populate in the associated properties. If a workflow is set up to assign a new contact to a sales rep based on their form responses, place a delay in as the very first action. If not, the contact may enroll in the workflow seconds before its contact properties have finished updating, and the wrong owner may be assigned as a result. Although this doesn’t always happen, it’s something a one-minute delay can easily take care of.”

And as ordinary the CTA is to do a HubSpot Academy lesson:

Shot three: HubSpot Gross sales Function of the Week

Importance of taking a look at Time in Deal Stage.

This report exhibits the typical amount of time deals spend in each stage of your funnel. Use this report back to see how your deals are shifting by way of the funnel and to see where things is perhaps getting caught.  You may also see what deal levels are being missed all together too!

Reports dashboard 11

Shot four: HubSpot Gotcha of the Week

Slack notifications for Inbox E mail Conversations

Getting Slack notifications for HubSpot Conversations by way of a staff e-mail box doesn’t work as you’d anticipate

Slack notifications to a channel solely work for Chat Conversations.

Slack notifications for Inbox Email Conversations

For Inbox E-mail Conversations you should arrange private notifications, that find yourself in your Slack HubSpot app ‘channel’

Slack notifications for Inbox Email Conversations

Go to the Assign area:

Slack notifications for Inbox Email Conversations

Shot 5: Advertising Tip of the Week

Adding FAQ schema to an internet page by way of Google Tag Manager:

Two key takeaways:

  1. Schema markup is essential
  2. Google Tag Supervisor is a helpful approach to insert schema right into a website – in case you aren’t but utilizing Google Tag Supervisor, then it’s time to get on board…

Shot 6: Perception of the Week

The worth of instruments

Do you contemplate tools a price or an funding?

Examine software costs with staffing prices – what can you substitute with a software?

Is it extra accurate, extra insightful, less error-prone, quicker, easily repeatable, and so on

Now contemplate your personal position. Is what you’re doing at this time, replaceable with a device? In that case, then what’s the value you’re including? What is going to you be doing tomorrow?

Examples of instruments we’re using: HubSpot, ahrefs, SEMrush, SanityCheck, Zapier, Databox, AccuRanker…

Which instruments are you utilizing? Tell us in the comments or tweet us @hubshots:

Shot 7: Podcast of the Week

Inbound Comfortable Hour

New podcast from our pal Chris Higgins:

Shot eight: Resource of the Week

700 Facebook Advert examples:

Facebook for Business: 700+ Facebook Ads to Inspire Your Next Ad Campaign

600 Instagram advert examples:

Instagram for Business: 600+ Instagram Ads to Inspire Your Next Ad Campaign

Shot 9: Quote of the Week

“You don’t have to be big to make a BIG difference in the world.” – Norbert

Shot 10: Bonus Links of the Week

How You Can Get Google To Crawl Your Website Instantly

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[Ian] Hello everyone, welcome to HubShots Episode 162. We speak about avoiding HubSpot workflow mistakes, and replacing yourself with instruments. You’re listening to Asia Pacific’s number one HubSpot targeted podcast, the place we talk about HubShot ideas, tips and options for growing yourselves and advertising results. My identify is Ian Jacob from Search & Be Found and with me is Craig Bailey from XEN Methods. How are you, Craig?
[Craig] Yeah, really good and feeling replaceable.
[Ian] That’s proper, we’re the replaceables.
[Craig] That’s proper, in our attempt for effectivity it’s all about getting instruments and processes in place, so we will provide extra value and we’re gonna chat slightly bit about that first within the Inbound by means of the week, but in addition later in our Inside the week.
[Ian] That’s proper, so Craig, you understand, Inbound by way of the week. that is one thing I stumbled upon as we speak, is a new report in HubSpot and it’s analyzing knowledge to spotlight developments inside HubSpot, so what it’s doing is utilizing artificial intelligence from what I can see and it’s displaying you issues like periods from e-mail increased by 170% during the last week, new contacts from e mail increased by 100%. I mean, the screenshot we’ve obtained and the one I had in my portal had it the whole lot going up, I’m wondering what happens when things begin to go down?
[Craig] I used to be wondering that as nicely, yeah, developments, we only show you the great tendencies so it looks like every thing’s working. Yeah, but that’s right it’s really about analyzing and it’s in all probability on the dimensions of the info set that it may analyze as nicely and additionally frequency, all those sort of issues, particularly when its talking about e mail advertising and that type of stuff. However, yeah, it’s actually fascinating to see these turning into half of the actual report stack.
[Ian] Yes.
[Craig] And by the best way simply reminding individuals once we say a report in HubSpot we’re speaking about a type of little widgets that seems on your dashboard. Oh, by the best way you’ll be able to drill into them into a bunch of the reviews,
[Ian] Sure, you’ll be able to.
[Craig] not this specific one, however bunch of stories especially development strains and things you’ll be able to drill into them.
[Ian] That’s proper, and I feel what’s highlighted that there are a number of things, you understand, I’ve highlighted there’s truly a page on HubSpot it talks about synthetic intelligence at work in HubSpot and over the course of the years we all know HubSpot have truly bought products or businesses specializing in synthetic intelligence and then they’ve now integrated that into HubSpot. And it’s starting to floor plenty of that by way of the, for instance, the web optimization software within HubSpot. It’s one in every of them, we’re gonna truly use it.
[Craig] Yeah, that’s proper and look it’s it’s type of pretty commonplace now. Individuals are building the tools right left and middle for all this type of perception and evaluation. And as we now have, nicely, it goes again to the info units doesn’t it?
[Ian] Precisely.
[Craig] ‘Cause we’ve got more knowledge to research, we will truly make fairly useful and insightful predictive analysis.
[Ian] That’s proper, and I feel there’s one other one that I’ve truly tried out and it’s a content material intelligence platform, which truly hooks into HubSpot referred to as Atomic Attain.
[Craig] I’ve heard of these guys
[Ian] Yes.
[Craig] truly, and I observed once you sent it to me earlier, I was like, oh, I’ve obtained to log in.
[Craig] Right.
[Craig] Oh, it’s expired I should have tried a very long time ago ’trigger I really like making an attempt out instruments. You already know, people if there’s any tools you’d like us to attempt simply ship us a login. Should you’re a vendor and you’ve received a software that you simply’d like us to check out and perhaps mention on the show send us a login and we’ll take a look, all the time eager to verify this stuff out.
[Ian] That’s proper, so we encourage you to truly have a look at it as a result of it will probably make a difference.
[Ian] All right, Craig, on to our HubSpot advertising function of the week and this is about avoiding workflow errors.
[Craig] This can be a HubSpot blog and you understand how we’ve finished a number of episodes. This virtually felt like, I used to be wondering if this was, you already know, how we had one on all the large mistakes we see?
[Ian] Yes.
[Craig] And then we had one other one on workflows? This was sort of nice combination of these two concepts, I’m not saying they took the thought from us in any respect however I just type of flagged in my thoughts, oh yeah, this can be a really good publish. Why didn’t we do an episode referred to as, Avoiding Workload Mistakes? Anyway, it’s a very good submit. They undergo a couple of issues, 5 key ones truly. The one that I needed to spotlight is a bit of a gotcha. I hadn’t actually considered this but speaking about using delays in workflows particularly at the beginning of a workflow, which I truly sort of do by default anyway.
[Ian] Yes you do, yeah.
[Craig] However it turns on the market’s a superb purpose for doing that and that’s as a result of typically a contact, in order that they fill out a type, submit, it can be simply a couple of seconds earlier than some of these fields are up to date on a contact. And so the the writer of the publish was saying, let’s say you had a workflow triggered by a type submit.
[Ian] Yep.
[Craig] That then works on the contact. There could be fields on that contact that aren’t updated until after they’ve already been into the workflow.
[Ian] Okay.
[Craig] So the purpose is in case you’ve received entry standards which might be depending on a number of things, not only the form but in addition contact properties, they could or might not truly hearth appropriately. So, it was a type of things the place put a delay at the research workflow, if somebody gets into the workflow and perhaps they shouldn’t have. Nicely, you’ve in all probability received a aim or some exit standards to get them out. However simply this concept what for those who had branching that relied on a few of these standards perhaps one thing that that they had entered in the type. Until you had a delay, it won’t have picked those up appropriately. In order that they call that a workflow mistake to keep away from. I name that a deficiency in HubSpot ’trigger there’s a delay before the HubSpot should deal with that for you certainly.
[Ian] Yes.
[Craig] Nevertheless, the purpose stays simply be sensible about that and it’s pretty simple to put a minutes delay initially of each workflow only for good measure.
[Ian] And what’s an excellent time for a delay, Craig?
[Craig] I’d go the minimum so like a minute.
[Ian] Minute, sure.
[Craig] Like I don’t assume you possibly can select seconds, however yeah, all you need is 10, 20 seconds.
[Craig] Now, we’ve run into this before, right? As a result of when you will have a number of types and you go type submit on one web page, goes to the subsequent web page, and the deck doesn’t pre-populate with what they’ve put in the earlier type. It’s as a result of there’s that slight delay in the report getting up to date and then pulled again. So we’re aware of it, I just hadn’t thought of it when it comes to workflow so good tip there thanks.
[Ian] Yeah. So I feel should you’re in advertising, which some individuals won’t understand, if somebody inputs knowledge in a type, it truly has to go into HubSpot and then in case you’re making an attempt to gather it on the second page to display it once more or to pre-fill it, it truly wants to return back. So it’s doing this two-way journey, it’s not simply passing it from one page to the subsequent simply so concentrate on that. All right, Craig, HubSpot sales function of the week. That is one we have now been speaking about as we look more to deal levels, and this can be a report that’s out there the place it talks concerning the time in deal stage. I know for a reality individuals take a look at this and they try to understand the place the elements of this gross sales move is stalling or are issues, specific things, occurring at levels and it’s taking too long? And so we’ve been taking a look at this throughout a number of shoppers to know which stage is actually taking too lengthy and you’ll in all probability see from a screenshot in my example which levels are being completely missed altogether and nothing’s truly moving into there or they’re principally skipping that stage in the gross sales course of. So that is perhaps an indication as to understanding why it’s wanted or why it’s not needed. So what’s fascinating is you’ll see that they calculate a mean time and on this specific report I’ve showed you it’s obtained two-months value of knowledge there. So it’s received the present month and the month before. That provides you averages.
[Craig] Yeah, what’s the info set for this specific one? Seems fairly totally different. Yeah, all the deals be fascinating to know how many are going into that.
[Ian] It’s truly the offers closing in the subsequent 30 days.
[Craig] Yeah, right.
[Ian] So that you’ll see that and I’ve acquired obviously a date range of 30 days. So you’ll be able to mess around with this and massage it nevertheless you see match.
[Craig] Yeah, but that’s exactly proper not in that second stage within the sales pipeline. Nobody in there they’re simply skipping over so good indication that you simply won’t want it.
[Ian] That’s right or you may find yourself discovering that there are issues that sit in a deal stage that never end up shifting because perhaps a deal truly is stalled for some purpose and nobody’s truly moved it on.
[Craig] Ah, nicely that’s fascinating. So let’s say one thing was caught in a deal stage. As an alternative of placing zero certainly it will just have the full time-frame thus far.
[Ian] Right.
[Craig] I’m wondering how they calculate? That’s fascinating is it based mostly on that really shifting out of a stage or is it based mostly on it shifting into a stage?
[Ian] Right, exactly. So there you go however I feel it’s general a very helpful report in case you’re not using it to truly find out the place in your sales process issues are getting caught and encourage you simply to at minimum add it to your dashboard.
[Craig] Ah, absolutely right. This wasn’t within the earlier variations of HubSpot and I keep in mind shoppers saying we’d like time in deal stage time in deals the way you at the moment are doing all this ridiculous exporting out to spreadsheets to calculate it. So it’s great that’s in there. Most gross sales managers reside on this report, it’s crucial to them. Or an excellent sales supervisor will probably be taking a look at this intently. Yeah, wonderful.
[Ian] All right, Craig, on to our HubSpot gotcha of the week, and that is to do with Slack notifications for inbox e-mail conversations.
[Craig] All proper.
[Ian] It’s a little bit of tongue tornado right there.
[Craig] Yeah, that’s proper. Conversations, which I don’t know if I like the identify or not.
[Ian] Yeah, so now this will embrace e-mail and Tratchat.
[Craig] Yeah.
[Craig] And probably Fb chat as nicely.
[Ian] Right, which can come.
[Craig] Yeah, I haven’t truly carried out that. This gotcha is, so we’re utilizing conversations for help. So we’ve received a workforce in box set up going into conversations in HubSpot and that’s the help principally, the help desk for our brands. There’s an choice to get Slack notifications whenever you take a look at the inbox settings. I stated, oh great, because every time a brand new conversation comes in to the workforce inbox we just need to notice in our Slack channel, bang now there’s somebody, bounce on it shortly. Anyway, seems the gotcha is that solely works for chat conversations not e mail conversations. So it’s like, oh okay, and it’s there, and I’ve truly highlighted it within the screenshot. So it does truly say that however I totally missed it. And, in fact, I acquired onto HubSpot help, and I’ll inform you what HubSpot help they never, they’re less than 5 minutes now. I simply get the telephone call each time. They name me, anyway, they sorted this out for me. They go, oh yeah, no, truly that’s not the case and you possibly can’t truly get notifications within the Slack channel for e-mail conversations. All proper, in order that’s the gotcha, but what you can do is get private notifications in your HubSpot notifications settings in your private profile
[Ian] Yes.
[Craig] to go into the HubSpot app channel.
[Ian] That’s right.
[Craig] So not an precise hash channel in Slack however into your personal HubSpot channel. So we’ve just obtained some screenshots displaying the way you set that up
[Ian] That’s proper.
[Craig] and it’s for principally get notifications for an e mail conversation that’s unassigned or is assigned to you and there’s an entire bunch of them as properly.
[Ian] That’s right and this is in your individual profile preferences?
[Craig] Yes.
[Ian] Where you have to actually have the worldwide notification for Slack turned on.
[Craig] Yes.
[Ian] And then go examine what are the totally different notifications you’ll be able to have and enable them and we now have highlighted them within the show notes. In case you ever get stuck just head over to this episode.
[Craig] Yeah, and you’ve principally received to get all of your staff to do it individually on their own profiles. You’ll be able to’t sort of pressure it globally.
[Ian] All right, Craig, onto the advertising tip of the week. Any FAQ schema to a webpage by a Google Tag Supervisor.
[Craig] Yes, I needed to throw in one for the geeks right here. So that is two things schema markup on your net pages and two using Google Tag Manager to do it. I’m not going to enter it however there’s a hyperlink right here to their submit but here’s the two takeaways. First, schema markup is admittedly essential for Google search engine marketing.
[Ian] Yeah.
[Craig] An FAQ markup might be one of many best or that many individuals would have on their website. So in the event you’ve acquired an FAQ page on your website, you possibly can truly create FAQ schema markup and that type of sits behind the web page. Google seems at it when it’s crawling and goes, oh right, I’ll pull this out as some can typically pop up in, you understand, questions individuals ask. The second factor as nicely, we type of have to try this in our net content administration system. How would we do it? So, for instance, how would you add it to a page in a HubSpot web page?
[Craig] It’s truly pretty onerous.
[Ian] Yeah.
[Craig] So right here you should use Google Tag Manager to do it so the second takeaway is in case you’re not but using Google Tag Manager it is best to.
[Craig] It’s time to get onboard.
[Craig] You’ve obtained to be using Google Tag Supervisor not only for inserting Google Analytics and different scripts, but for doing issues like this it’s gonna turn out to be more and more the case.
[Ian] All proper, on to our perception of the week, Craig, and we’re going to talk concerning the value of tools. And this is pushed really by a dialog that we had in Inbound thought of the week, which was about artificial intelligence and what is uncovering by way of knowledge by means of platforms that we’re using. So do you think about tools to be a price or an funding in what you are promoting?
[Craig] That’s proper that’s the query to ask, proper, as a result of for those who ask most enterprise house owners who’re paying for it we need to get this software, x, y, z and advised to do something they’re like, “Oh, how much does it cost?” And actually, what you have to be saying, oh, how a lot does it save? So, I imply, you realize my agency and I do know your agency. We use tools rather a lot. I mean, HubSpot’s a software, proper?
[Ian] Right.
[Craig] And it’s an expensive device, and yet, how a lot does it save us? Unimaginable.
[Craig] So, what the perception we’re making an attempt to get across this week is admittedly about considering of it extra as a price saving, and that’s what we’re making an attempt to what’s the value of a software? And, the truth is, going further, typically the saving is in versus staffing. So by a device or hire employees? And think about, nicely, what number of employees do you have to do sure tasks that they’re doing now? And may you exchange that with a device? And so, we use a ton of tools.
[Ian] Sure.
[Craig] And I do know you do as nicely, and we’re all the time on the lookout for more instruments to use ’cause it makes us extra environment friendly. However it’s not only effectivity, it’s also repeatability, it’s additionally about accuracy, and subsequently, the other of that, which is avoiding errors it’s all this stuff. So the query is how can you consider utilizing instruments as an alternative of utilizing employees? That’s the very first thing. Right here’s the flip aspect. What are you doing yourself, pricey listener, that can be changed with a device? What are you doing right now that can be changed with a device? Because if it might be replaced with a device, why are you still doing it? And, in reality, it is advisable be serious about what are you going to be doing tomorrow? So it’s not only oh, yeah, great for you exchange the group with instruments, it’s like someone’s gonna substitute you with a software. So how are you truly adding value?
[Ian] Right, and, you realize, a variety of the instruments which are really good truly show you, for instance, time you saved from utilizing their software to realize a specific process or consequence. And there’s a specific software that we both use that does that within the paid promoting area, so I feel that’s unbelievable. And if you consider all of the instruments that you simply use and calculate what that saving is on the result you’re getting, and the velocity you’re getting it at, I feel that may greater than pay for it. So we’d love you to truly tweet us and inform us what tools you’re utilizing in your day-to-day life, might be in your small business but, I mean, there are instruments that we use in our day-to-day life. A very easy one I’ll share with you is on the iPhone, right? I was utilizing it the opposite day, I’ve received an iPhone 10. The best way I was swiping throughout to get to totally different apps, a few of my buddies noticed me and they go, “Hang on, can you do that?” As an alternative they have been like closing the app they have been in then going again to the home display and then looking for the app that they needed to open and then opening the app, move your finger at the backside of the display, you possibly can truly slide between all the open apps on your telephone.
[Craig] I did not know that. Can I do it on my iPhone SE?
[Ian] There’s a comparable thing on an iPhone SE.
[Craig] Oh, okay cool.
[Ian] In order that’s each other one
[Craig] However grasp on that’s not you’re not exactly replacing employees members with that. That’s a hack, I don’t know if that’s a device.
[Ian] That may be a hack. And, you understand, this is what I’m saying is that there are lots of totally different, I say, apps on your iPhone that can aid you save time or keep in mind things higher or get things executed quicker where you may need been taking longer time to do.
[Craig] No, that’s exactly proper so it’s throughout efficiency. Now, look, a number of the instruments, so what tools do you employ in your agency and even with your shoppers when it comes to advertising that really are saving, you talked about one before, which was Optimizer I feel you have been referring to?
[Ian] Yes, right. Atomic Reach is one other one which I’ve been testing out. We use Ahrefs.
[Craig] Yep.
[Ian] That’s right.
[Craig] Or is it SEMrush let’s have a debate about that.
[Craig] Yeah, issues like that. Sanity Verify is one we use it analyzes Google Search Console and simply pulls out hanging distance key phrases. We used to spend hours doing that sort of evaluation for shoppers. Now it just does it in a second. It’s all the time totally different tools AccuRanker knowledge field, yeah, reporting just getting dashboards prepared. I imply, you may assume our reporting’s not likely that groundbreaking till properly when it’s lovely to use automated updates mechanically and may be simply shared with the shopper. That’s saving tons of hours
[Ian] That’s right.
[Craig] and that’s giving them real-time insight so, yeah, bunch of tools.
[Ian] Yeah, and Zapier.
[Craig] Zap it, ah!
[Craig] And we each use it for various issues. So you employ it to push knowledge from one system to into HubSpot. Zapier is our and Tara one among our group, she just loves Zapier now. The issues she is doing with Zapier.
[Ian] Sure.
[Craig] It’s unimaginable.
[Ian] You realize, if something you’re taking out of this entire conversation. When you just go and take a look at Zapier and work out what are the things you’ll be able to automate or velocity up? And you’ll see like there’s an entire, when you put in the instruments that you simply’re using you’ll get an entire bunch of recipes. I’d encourage you simply to go and do this.
[Craig] Properly, and let’s simply end with pulling this again to HubSpot,
[Ian] Yes.
[Craig] And, in truth, workflows. As we’ve stated in many episodes, simply establishing well-thought-out workflows alone can prevent hours and hours. The worth of admission alone for HubSpot.
[Ian] Absolutely. All proper, Craig, on to our podcast of the week. Inbound Glad Hour.
[Craig] Shout out to Chris Higgins.
[Ian] That’s proper, Inbound Completely satisfied Hour dot com. Episode 1 is stay.
[Craig] There you go, Inbound Completely satisfied Hour, good identify.
[Ian] That’s proper. All proper, on to our useful resource of the week, Craig.
[Craig] You’ve received two weblog posts from Kristi Hines, fantastic author been following her for years. She’s acquired two monster posts they’re both about example advertisements and she’s principally taken an entire bunch of screenshots of Fb advertisements and LinkedIn advertisements across numerous industries and things like that. And what’s nice is you see the engagement every of these advertisements have. So in the event you’re after a little bit of inspiration on advertisements which are getting responses on these platforms take a look at these, and yeah, let us know in case you truly discover something that works for you.
[Ian] If anything undergo them since you may truly achieve some inspiration of what is working and what’s not, what you haven’t tried before.
[Craig] The things that I observed is the imagery that’s typically used relying on business, like some industries they only use nice photographs and the messaging is within the textual content beneath. And then different industries they use, you recognize, image that basically has a number of textual content within the image. And look it’s all the time only a measure, however I truly find that fascinating. You realize considered one of our shoppers the place we both spending a variety of time creating these elaborate banners with their emblem and branding and all of that. We did a number of checks round identical to using stock pictures, I’m virtually embarrassed to say, and they acquired a lot better response. Individuals identical to these inspirational or aspirational pictures
[Ian] Yeah.
[Craig] pushing via to obtain a brochure and stuff like that so it’s simply round check and measure.
[Ian] Yes.
[Craig] That’s how it works.
[Ian] And that’s what you’ll in all probability see throughout platforms now particularly Google Advertisements giving the machine photographs, headlines, descriptions to truly check mixtures and see what works and then use that in your collateral and so on. Properly, Craig, on to our quote of the week, “You don’t have to be big to make a big “difference in the world,” and that’s from Norbert.
[Craig] Norbert the canine who we love you Norbs on Instagram. He’s an Instagram movie star.
[Ian] He is.
[Craig] It’s so cute my goodness, But the wisdom.
[Ian] That’s right. So we’d encourage you to go following Norbert the canine and truly see what’s happening. As all the time, there are a number of bonus links of the week. We’d love you to go away us a star score on Apple Podcasts as this really helps us. You don’t have to put in writing anything simply click on how many stars you like us and that may assist us tremendously. And we’d love you to share the podcast with anybody else in your staff that might benefit from listening to this and studying about HubSpot. Properly, Craig, till subsequent time.
[Craig] Catch you later, Ian.
[Ian] Thank you for listening to this episode of HubShots. For show notes, assets, HubSpot news, together with sensible methods you possibly can implement, go to us at

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